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Primary Care Provider

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Job Title: Primary Care Provider Department: Medical
Pay Range: Level 5 Classification: Full-Time or Part-Time
Reports To: Medical Director Status: Exempt/Non-Exempt
Board of Directors Approval Date: May 1994 Last Revision Date: August 2014
The Primary Care Provider (Physician or Advanced Nurse Practitioner) will be responsible for assessing, planning and initiating the care needed for the Adult and/or Pediatric populations served in the various communities served by Coastal Family Health Center. The provider will be guided by the established protocols adopted by the CFHC Medical Staff to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Educated with both academic and clinical preparation suitable for Provider role
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, coworkers and other customers.
  • Ability to demonstrate effective customer service and relationship skills
  • Knowledge of current practice standards, including CLIA,HRSA, OSHA and other local, state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Ability to organize work, develop procedures, conduct and evaluate audits using outcome measure or indicators
  • Ability to communicate clearly and precisely both orally and in writing
  • Ability to maintain confidential documents and information
  • Ability to teach and help to orient new team members
  • Ability to provide leadership and inspire staff
  • Critical thinking skills based on solid judgment and data
  • Must be able to sit, stand, bend, lift and move intermittently during the work day 
Qualifications/Education Requirements
Graduated from an accredited college/university and obtain a valid license in the state of Mississippi. Must meet all other requirements defined by the Chief Medical Officer of Coastal Family Health. Individual must be self-directed, motivated and demonstrate the ability to work independently and within a team.
Core Competencies
  • Performs within the legal and ethical boundaries of the role
  • Provides essential functions to provide and maintain quality patient care
  • Participates as a team member to achieve quality clinical outcomes ØProvides excellent customer service
  • Performs other related activities as appropriate for providers
  • Subject to frequent interruptions and workload pressures
  • May be exposed to infectious and contagious diseases
  • May be required to work beyond normal work hours
  • May work under stress with deadlines 

Essential Job Accountabilities

Accountability 1. Practice within legal and ethical boundaries of the role.

Performance criteria 1: Maintains current Mississippi license and credentials.

Performance criteria 2: Maintains clinical competence and functions within the scope of practice as defined by the licensure board and Coastal Family Health.

Performance criteria 3: Successful completion of probation and annual competency/job requirements based on evaluation tool.

Performance criteria 4: Demonstrates and promotes positive team behaviors.

Performance criteria 5: Shows commitment to personal and professional growth through additional training and continuing education.

Performance criteria 6: Regular and timely attendance.

Performance criteria 7: Performance of duties will be in compliance with all laws, regulations, policies and procedures governing Coastal Family Health Center.

Accountability 2. Provides essential functions to provide and maintain quality patient care.

Performance Criteria 1: Demonstrates accurate assessment skills based on patient history and other available data.

Performance Criteria 2: Prepares an appropriate written plan of care.

Performance Criteria 3: Initiates the implementation of the written plan involving the patient, family and other appropriate team members.

Performance Criteria 4: Ensures there is a follow up plan in place for continued monitoring (if needed).

Performance Criteria 5: Maintains accurate EMR records ensuring timely entries.

Performance Criteria 6: Maintains privacy and confidentiality of patient information.

Performance Criteria 7: Prepares reports or follow up requests from colleagues/patients in a timely manner.

Performance Criteria 8: Assist with the development and implementation of Clinical protocols based on evidence-based medicine, when requested by Medical Director.

Performance Criteria 9: Provide physical exams or appropriate procedures in a safe manner according to procedure.

Performance Criteria 10: Effectively communicates updated medical information related to clinical outcomes to appropriate staff members.

Accountability 3. Participates as a team player to achieve quality clinical outcomes

Performance criteria 1: Provides input and feedback to participating staff on ways to improve clinical processes.

Performance criteria 2: Demonstrates the knowledge of quality services and best practices to promote positive patient outcomes by sharing knowledge with clinical staff.

Performance criteria 3: Consistently demonstrates a positive and cooperative attitude

Performance criteria 4: Consistently demonstrates tolerance and a non-judgmental attitude toward all customers (internal and external).

Performance criteria 5: Demonstrates effective listening skills when patients or clinical staff are communicating relevant ideas or suggestions to meet the patient health care needs.

Performance criteria 6: Initiates and/or helps to coordinate timely training for co-workers and/or colleagues to improve competencies, when indicated.

Performance criteria 7: Provides timely assistance to the Medical Director in implementing the peer review process.

Accountability 4. Provides excellent customer service

Performance criteria 1: Demonstrates professional behaviors and demeanor at all times.

Performance criteria 2: Provides timely and appropriate follow up to members of the Quality Team, sub-committees or clinical staff.

Performance criteria 3: Serves effectively as clinical consultant with clinical and administrative staff as needed.

Performance criteria 4: Consistently demonstrates common courtesy and respect to patients, family members, colleagues and co-workers in all forms of communications.  

Accountability 5. Performs other related activities as appropriate for providers

Performance criteria 1: Completes special duties/projects as assigned.

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