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Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

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Job Title: Licensed Practical Nurse Department: Nursing
Pay Range: Level 2 Classification: Full-Time, Part-Time, or PRN
Reports To: Practice Manager Status: Non-Exempt/Hourly
Board of Directors Approval Date: October 2001 Last Revision Date: August 2014
This is skilled, technical work in the field of nursing. The role of the LPN is to function as a skilled, technical person responsible for supporting and assisting the medical provider. The LPN must work within the scope of practice defined by the Mississippi State Board of Nursing.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Knowledge of nursing procedures and practices.
  • Knowledge of primary care office practices and procedures.
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively with patients, providers, workers, and the general public.
  • Ability to perform job duties in an effective and appropriate manner.
  • Must be able to organize and use time effectively.
  • Must be able to organize supplies and materials.
  • Must be able to follow and give oral and written instructions.
  • Must be able to keep patient an staff information confidential.
  • Must be able to sit, stand, bend, lift, and move intermittently during the work day.
Qualifications/Education Requirements
To qualify for this position, the employee will: be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing, with current licensure in the state of Mississippi; have and maintain reliable transportation; demonstrate leadership skills; and demonstrate a caring attitude and approach toward patient care. Experience in a primary care medical office practice, community health, public health, or equivalent setting is preferred but not required.
Core Competencies
  • Works up patients in accordance with current policy.
  • Provides assistance to clinicians during examinations and treatment procedures as required.
  • Processes provider orders in accordance with current policy and in a timely manner.
  • Obtains correctly completed consents and other forms requiring patient or parent signature.
  • Performs vision and hearing tests, EKGs, injections, immunizations, pregnancy testing, and other nursing procedures.
  • Assists in the laboratory as directed by nursing supervisor or Director of Nursing Services.
  • Maintains necessary files, records, and logs.
  • Maintains medical records in proper order.
  • Keeps examination rooms and work areas prepared and maintains adequate supplies.
  • Acts as an advocate for the patient and family.
  • Provides patient and parent education as appropriate for care.
  • Screens and processes requests for information and services through telephone and in-person triage.
  • Professionally interacts with patients, providers, coworkers, and the general public.
  • Actively and effectively communicates status, progress, and needs to nursing supervisor.
  • Actively assesses the security of patients, staff, and the facility, and provides reports of problems to nursing supervisor or Risk Manager.
  • Supports performance improvement activities and policies.
  • Subject to frequent interruptions
  • May be required to work beyond normal work hours and in other positions as necessary.
  • Performs other duties as required.

Accountability 1. Practice within legal and ethical boundaries of the role.

Performance criteria 1: Maintains current Mississippi nursing license

Performance criteria 2: Maintains clinical competence and functions within the scope of practice as defined by the Mississippi Nursing Practice Law.

Performance criteria 3: Successful completion of probation and annual skills/competency requirements

Performance criteria 4: Demonstrates and promotes positive team behaviors

Performance criteria 5: Shows commitment to personal and professional growth through additional training, education and skill development. Show respect when provided with constructive feedback.

Performance criteria 6: Regular and timely attendance

Performance criteria 7: Performance of duties will be in compliance with all laws, regulations, policies and procedures governing Coastal Family Health Center.

Accountability 2. Provides essential job functions to maintain safe and effective day-to-day services

Performance Criteria 1: Works cooperatively with the provider and the clinical team in coordinating a daily routine to maintain patient flow

Performance Criteria 2: Maintains supplies/equipment in an organized fashion

Performance Criteria 3: Accurately performs clinical skills according to written procedures and consistent with the providers orders.

Performance Criteria 4: Accurately documents “work up” data in the electronic medical record in a timely manner

Performance Criteria 5: Accurately follows procedures to obtain and marking lab specimens

Performance Criteria 6: Provides appropriate patient education information to patients. Answer patient’s questions accurately and timely.

Performance Criteria 7: Ensures exam rooms and work areas are clean, supplied, neat and orderly.

Performance Criteria 8: Accurately maintains referral information, messages and assists with follow-up

Performance Criteria 9: Assists provider during exams and treatment procedures

Performance Criteria 10: Monitors EPSDT scheduling and performs necessary procedures appropriate to role. (Pediatric Services Only)

Performance Criteria 11: Reports safety concerns to the supervisor in a timely manner.

Accountability 3. Participates as a team member to help achieve nursing goals, clinical measures and customer satisfaction.

Performance criteria 1: Provides input and feedback to the nurse manager for process improvement

Performance criteria 2: Demonstrates the knowledge of quality services and best practices to promote positive patient outcomes

Performance criteria 3: Consistently demonstrates a positive attitude

Performance criteria 4: Consistently demonstrates tolerance and a non judgmental attitude toward all patients.

Performance criteria 5: Demonstrates listening skills when a patient expresses a grievance or complaint

Performance criteria 6: Respects and supports the Patient’s Bill of Rights by demonstrated behaviors consistent with the document.

Accountability 4. Provides excellent customer service

Performance criteria 1: Demonstrates appropriate telephone etiquette

Performance criteria 2: Provides timely and appropriate follow up to all EMR messages

Performance criteria 3: Returns phone calls in a timely manner providing requested information

Performance criteria 4: Consistently demonstrates common courtesy and respect to patients, family members, providers and co-workers in all communications. 

Accountability 5.  Performs other related duties as assigned or requested

Performance criteria 1: Contributes to the daily operation of the nursing department by performing other roles as needed

Performance criteria 2: Completes special duties/projects as assigned

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