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Patient Service Representative

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Job Title: Patient Service Representative Department: Operations
Pay Range: Level 1 Classification: Full-Time
Reports To: Practice Manager Status: Non-Exempt/Hourly
Board of Directors Approval Date: March 26, 2014 Annual Review Date: August 2014
The role of the Patient Service Representative (PSR) is to function as a multi-skilled, technical person responsible for customer service, electronic patient registration/data processing, patient scheduling, revenue control and to serve as support personnel to the clinical staff members. The PSR will work within the scope of his/her job description using the demonstrated competencies consistent with the role.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Knowledge of medical office procedures and practices.
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively with patients, providers, coworkers and the general public.
  • Ability to perform job duties in an effective and timely manner.
  • Ability to function with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to organize and use time and resources effectively.
  • Must be able to utilize Health Information Technology (HIT) Systems.
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions timely and accurately.
  • Ability to keep patient and staff information confidential.
  • Ability to function as an effective and productive team member.
  • Ability to travel to other sites, if needed.
  • Ability to work with computerized medical record system.
  • Must be able to sit, stand, bend, lift and move intermittently during the work day. 
Qualifications/Education Requirements
  • To qualify for this position the employee will be a graduate of an accredited high school or in receipt of a GED certificate; have experience in medical office practice or related setting. Candidate must be able to demonstrate a caring, positive attitude toward all people.
  • Must be self-directed, motivated and demonstrate the ability to work independently and within a team
Core Competencies
  • Competence in both oral and written English.
  • Ability to maintain confidential and sensitive information; ability to understand and follow instructions.
  • Ability to accurately record and input numbers.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Upholds, complies with, and enforces the Core Principles and Code of Conduct. 

Essential Job Accountabilities:

1.Performs within the legal and ethical boundaries of the role

2.Provides essential job functions to maintain efficient and effective customer services and clinic processes

3.Participates as a team member to achieve organizational, clinic and departmental goals.

4.Provide excellence in customer service

5.Performs other related duties as assigned or requested

Accountability 1. Practice within legal and ethical boundaries of the role.

Performance criteria 1: Consistently demonstrates performance of all job competencies.

Performance criteria 2: Successful completion of probation and annual skills/competency requirements.

Performance criteria 3: Shows commitment to job growth through additional training, education and skill development.

Performance criteria 4: Regular and timely attendance.

Performance criteria 5: Performance of duties will be in compliance with all laws, regulations, policies and procedures governing Coastal Family Health Center.

Performance criteria 6: Consistently maintain confidentiality for all sensitive patient information.

Accountability 2. Provides essential job functions to maintain efficient and effective customer services and clinic processes

Performance Criteria 1: Demonstrates telephone/face to face etiquette when scheduling or communicating with customers.

Performance Criteria 2: Works cooperatively with the clinical staff to coordinate patient schedules and to maintain patient flow when there are questions.

Performance Criteria 3: Maintains an orderly and organized work area.

Performance Criteria 4: Accurately performs required tasks according to written procedures and consistent with established processes for assigned job role.

Performance Criteria 5: Accurately documents and updates data in the electronic record in a timely manner.

Performance Criteria 6: Accurately follows procedures to establish, track and document charges and money received from the patient, when assigned.

Performance Criteria 7: Provides accurate and timely information to patients and clinical when there are questions or when information is required.

Performance Criteria 8: Sends accurate and timely messages to appropriate persons.

Accountability 3. Participates as a team member to achieve organizational, clinic and departmental goals

Performance criteria 1: Provides input and feedback to the Practice Manager on identified barriers in meeting established goals.

Performance criteria 2: Demonstrates consistent behaviors that promotes positive movement toward established goals

Performance criteria 3: Assist in the development and the updating of clerical support staff goals

Performance criteria 4: Consistently demonstrates a commitment to the mission of Coastal Family Health Center.

Performance criteria 5: Demonstrates and promotes positive team behaviors.

Accountability 4. Provides excellence in customer service

Performance criteria 1: Demonstrates appropriate telephone etiquette.

Performance criteria 2: Provides timely and appropriate follow up to all EMR messages.

Performance criteria 3: Returns phone calls in a timely manner providing requested information.

Performance criteria 4: Consistently demonstrates common courtesy and respect to patients, family members, providers and co-workers in all communications.  

Performance criteria 5: Consistently demonstrate apositive attitude when dealing with both internal and external customers.

Performance criteria 6: Consistently demonstrates tolerance and a non-judgmental attitude toward all patients and co-workers.

Performance criteria 7: Demonstrates effective listening skills when a patient expresses a grievance or complaint.

Performance criteria 8: Respects and supports the Patient’s Bill of Rights by demonstrated behaviors consistent with the document.

Accountability 5.Performs other related duties as assigned or requested

Performance criteria 1: Contributes to the daily operation of the clerical department by performing other roles as needed.

Performance criteria 2: Completes special duties/projects as needed.

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