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Mallory Community Health Center Springs into Action

Posted: 16-Jun-2017

On April 30, 2017 torrential storms and 29 tornadoes ripped through Mississippi with Holmes County and the Town of Durant experiencing the worst. In the aftermath of the storm, staff at Mallory Community Health Center sprang into action by handing out food and supplies to effected citizens in Holmes County. Dr. Rozelle Chapman, CEO at Mallory, said, "We are fortunate that all of our clinics and staff who live in Holmes County are safe and suffered little to no damage." He continued, "But many people in our area are not so lucky. We felt we needed to do what we could for them." 

Staff purchased food, water and supplies and set up a station at the clinic in Lexington. They also visited people in their homes. At MPHCA, we are proud to see one of our community health centers step up and provide for others when the need arises.



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