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UPDATE: Jackson Water Outage Upcoming; Emergency Declared

Posted: 24-Feb-2017

Map: Affected Areas of Jackson by Zipcode

Map: Areas Affected Water Pressure - Jackson  

Major water outages are expected in the city of Jackson next month. A 48-inch water line will have to be turned off to make repairs. So we're a coordinating agency," said MEMA Director Lee Smithson. "We'll bring all the other state agencies if the Governor declares a state of emergency to provide the resources both, equipment and water if need be, to the city of Jackson."

"Some of it is mapping out the area," said Hinds County EOC Director Ricky Moore. "Helping with GIS mapping of the area, get a true area of what might be affected also maybe some bottled water down the road if we see were going to need it, and long term planning on some of the alert notifications notices."

March 11 is the tentative water cutoff date, which was selected to limit the impact on more than 15 public schools who will be going on Spring Break that week.  A map outlining impacted residents is only preliminary.  It shows a northern border of Lynch street, but outages could go as far north as Northside drive. 


Clarion Ledger - Some Jackson residents are facing an upcoming water outage, putting the city's infrastructure woes under a spotlight. Though the city said it has not considered requesting state funds to address major water line damage in south Jackson, the Hinds County Board of Supervisors declared a state of emergency Tuesday morning anyway so it has the option to draw down state funds. Supervisor Robert Graham said the city hasn't communicated with the county about any need for help, but when the county received notice saying the water would be shut off tentatively on March 11 for an estimated three days, "we just wanted to be prepared." Hinds County Supervisors passed two measures, both dealing with possible emergency situations in regards to damage to the water infrastructure.  An emergency declaration would allow the county to request help from the state in the event of an extended water outage. They also plan to buy $10,000 worth of bottled water, to hand out to residents. County officials will visit with MEMA officials Thursday to see if they can aid in preparing a plan if the outages do occur.

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We will continue to update this story as information is released. 

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