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70x2020 Initiative Asks Adults to #getscreened4dak

Posted: 07-Mar-2017

What do MPHCA and Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys and Mississippi State Football fame have in common? We both support the 70x2020 Colorectal Cancer Initiative! March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

The goal of the 70X2020 Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative is to ensure that at least 70% of Mississippians are up-to-date with recommended CRC screening by the year 2020. To reach the goal, all parties with a vested interest in reducing the burden of colorectal cancer in Mississippi are working together as a collaborative partnership. MPHCA is one of the partners in the 70X2020 Colorectal Cancer Initiative and Dr. Sonja Fuqua, Director of Clinical Quality, serves as the community healthcare liaison for this project. In accordance with the 70X2020 Initiative Strategic Plan, we continue to provide quarterly engagement meetings for community and clinicians in Bolivar, Leflore, and Washington counties. The 6th series of engagement meetings are scheduled for March 11th at the Vessel of Mercy church in Greenwood and March 25th at Lincoln Garden Church of Christ in Cleveland. The educational sessions will feature Dr. Valencia Martin, a strong CRC advocate and the practicing family medicine physician (owner) at Greenwood Comprehensive Medical Clinic.

Wait? What about Dak? Well, Dak Prescott, former Mississippi State University and current Dallas Cowboys football quarterback, is the face of this year’s campaign to get the word out about 70x2020 and its goals. Prescott lost his mother to the disease in 2013. The 70x2020 Initiative is promoting the hashtag #getscreened4dak on social media to raise awareness.

“Get screened. It’s the right thing to do,” Prescott said. “Stop it before it happens. Catch it early. Do it for yourself, and do it for your loved ones around you.”

Who should get screened?

  • Over the age of 50? See your provider for routine screenings
  • Under the age of 50 with family history………….do the same.

You can also find links to his PSA videos, radio spots and more information to help get the word out today for your friends and family to Get Screened for Colorectal Cancer by visiting the DropBox at this link to see the PSA: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8q26i5wqhs4qgkw/AABCSpC5cfizvelJLsGaXYHpa?dl=0


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